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Project management for thelayoutofindustrial parkMoselle left bank

Messein / New Houses (54)


Reconversion of a polluted site

The business park development project is located in the municipalities of Neuves-Maisons and Messein in the department of Meurthe and Moselle, about ten kilometers south-west of Nancy. The site of the ZAC is located on a former iron and steel wasteland (waste storage) on the edge of the Moselle. This slag heap, which developed in a former gravel pit from the alluvial deposits of the Moselle, received waste from the Neuves-Maisons steelworks located on the other side of the river.


Alternative stormwater management

Various measures have been taken to limit the impact of the increase in runoff flows and to prevent any risk of water pollution.

All of the rainwater from the developed area is collected by an open-air drainage network (watertight valleys) located at the level of the access roads up to a storage / depollution device (installation of the basin to the north of the area, along the river).

The basin intended to store the rains up to a return period of 10 years and to treat them (decantation and siphoid veil) is also enchanted in order to avoid any pollution of the underlying water table.

Alternative wastewater treatment

ATEVE conducted a study on the possibility of setting up a wastewater treatment system using a filtering garden combined with plants on the Parc d'Industries site.


PPRI Compliance

As the study site is located in a flood zone, a cut-fill compensation calculation was established by ATEVE using the COVADIS software.



Owner:Community of Communes Moselle and Madon

Place :Messein and Neuves-Maisons (54)


In Situ (Landscape Agent)

Total amount of work: €3,300,000 excluding tax

Park area:32 ha

Completion date of the work:2014

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