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Project management for thelayoutofstation area

Yerres (91)


Future pedestrian public square

The current station district is characterized by anarchic parking around the station building and a steep drop due both to the natural topography and to the work related to the development of the railway and its surroundings.

The development project for the Gare district is being developed around a new supply of housing, public facilities and shops. It consists mainly of the creation of a future pedestrian public square which will concentrate strong urban issues: it will be the articulation with the railway and bus station and will constitute an opening on the rest of the city.  

Landscape and integration

Several objectives are targeted here:

  • An urban objective, by affirming the vocation of this future project as an urban center; work on the public space will make the routes more legible (walking towards the station, etc.);

  • A social objective: it is a question of creating a place of life and meeting;

  • A landscaping objective: it is a question of creating harmonious paths and taking advantage of the slope of the land; the revegetation of the square is thus sought to be enhanced.

The approach of Atelier Roberta and ATEVE also takes into account the following main points:

  • An adequacy with the developed built project;

  • Making the site accessible (for people with reduced mobility as well as for safety and emergency devices);

  • Consideration of the project in its urban context (which implies in particular work on the practicality and readability of access).


Vue de la place

Vue de la place

Plan masse

Plan masse

Owner:City of Yerres

Place :Yerres (91)


Atelier Roberta (Landscape Designer - agent)

Total amount of work:€2,800,000 excluding VAT

Surface of outdoor spaces:9,100 m²

Start date of work:2015

Delivery :2016

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