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Project management for theachievementworks ofrecoveryof therainy waters of the ZAC of Rungis

Paris 13th (75)



ZAC of Rungis

This ZAC is located in the south of the 13th arrondissement, in the Maison Blanche district, in the center of a quadrilateral made up of rue de Tolbiac to the north, the ring road to the south, avenue d'Italie to the east and the rue de l'Amiral Mouchez which forms the boundary with the 14th arrondissement to the west. It is 400 m long and 90 m deep and covers an area of approximately 3.5 hectares.

The garden is located in the heart of the Rungis ZAC.

Rainwater harvesting

In order to limit rainwater discharges into the sewerage network, rainwater from the roofs of the majority of buildings in the ZAC will be used for watering the gardens (private and public) and water supply. toilets in some buildings. Rainwater from the accessible roofs (except those of the offices) as well as the overflow water from the storage tanks under the private gardens will flow into the public garden.

The layout of the garden then includes a system for recovering and channeling rainwater to the body of water. The body of water will serve as a reserve for watering the garden. The surplus is discharged into the existing rainwater collector buried under the garden

In the body of water, many aquatic plants bloom, such as the water iris or the lysimachus, ensuring the natural recycling of water.







Owner:City of Paris - Department of Green Spaces and the Environment of the City of Paris (DEVE)

Place :Paris 13th (75)


Péna & Peña (Landscaping)

ZEKTON (BET Fontainerie)

Total amount of PE recovery work:€800,000 excl. tax

Garden area:5,000 m²

Completion date of the work:2015

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