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  • Diagnostic test of sewage treatment, drinking water network and others networks

  • Diagnostic test  of hydraulic structure

  • Diagnostic test of roadways

  • Diagnostic test of housing

Modeling and BIM
  • Hydrological modeling

  • Dimensioning of rainwater basin

  • Modeling of Sewage system

  • Hydrological planning

  • BIM

Project ownership assistance - Planning and scheduling work
  • Urban studies

  • Urban design concept

  • Assistance for urbanization plan

  • Project management assistance

  • Masterplan for rainwater/wastewater treatment system

  • Drinking water system scheme

  • Impact study


Full project management






We provide the following service:

Urban planning project, landscape design project, hydraulic planning project, building project, water treatment related project, road and utilities project, environment protection engineering project, depollution and enviromental remediation.

For new project: Feasibility studies , Project financial evaluation, Work implementation, monitoring

For existing project: Diagnosis, defect analysis,  design solution to restore performance.

Scheduling, Piloting and Coordination
  • Level I, II, III

  • Planning/Realization phase

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