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We are currently looking for experienced Engineers specializing in Urban Engineering - Hydraulics - VRD - Sustainable Development Project Managers.
Position 1: Position based in Paris
Position 2: Fluency in Chinese - Position based in Paris with frequent stays in China
Position 3: Position based in Mayotte (ideally engineer already installed in Mayotte)
You will work together with other engineers for the design as well as the follow-up of the execution of urban development projects, VRD, hydraulics, water treatment,…. You will work directly with architects, town planners and landscape architects in order to carry out urban programming studies, feasibility studies, various technical studies and complete project management studies on urban, hydraulic and various projects.
Engineer by training, you have at least a first significant and successful experience in Urban Engineering, Hydraulics, urban development, VRD and Sustainable Development which has enabled you to confirm that it is in these areas that you wish to work. Also, you appreciate teamwork and especially with architects, urban planners and landscapers during the design and execution phases of the work. Your technical, relational and organizational skills will allow you to quickly position yourself as a referent in Urban Engineering - Hydraulics - Water Treatment - VRD - Sustainable Development within a multidisciplinary team. The position can evolve into a branch manager with profit-sharing based on the results of the branch in addition to the general profit-sharing. You can also, if you are interested, take part in our R&D programs and our training activity.

• Education: Engineer in Urban Engineering, Civil Engineering such as Mines, Bridges & Roads, EIVP, ESTP, ENTPE, INSA,...
• Experience: at least 2 years of experience, at least a first successful experience acquired in the fields of urban development, VRD, hydraulics, water treatment, Sustainable Development
• Desired skills: Proficiency in AUTOCAD, COVADIS, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
• Special requirement (not mandatory upon hiring): Permit B
• Type of contract offered: CDI
• Salary: fixed salary + profit-sharing bonus for all representatives with at least more than one month's salary. Attractive salary negotiable depending on experience and skills

• Benefits :
- Possibility according to your choice to switch to the 4-day week or stay at the 5-day week with +20% fixed salary
- Telework possible without limit of days to optimize travel (presence in the office possible only when necessary and for conviviality; all engineers are connected to the ATEVE network and to remote computers)
- Profit-sharing in the company's results and possibility of becoming a partner
- Leave: 10 days of RTT in addition to the 25 days of legal annual leave (for the 5-day week)
- Continuous training: minimum once a year with tailor-made training adapted to the wishes of each engineer
- Mutual company
- Restaurant tickets paid at 50% by the company
- Reimbursement of 50% of the Navigo transport ticket
- Reimbursement of 50% of an extra-professional activity of your choice
- Gift tickets at the end of the year and organized extra-professional activities (travel, etc.)

• Application selection method: On CV + LM + contact interview
• Places of work: Position 1: Position based in Paris
Position 2: Fluency in Chinese required - Position based in Paris with stays in China
Position 3: Position based in Mayotte (ideally engineer already installed in Mayotte)


The ATEVE INGENIERIE Technical Studies Office is a pioneer in the eco-design of sustainable urban development and High Environmental Quality applied to Roads and Various Networks. We initiated this process of making the developments ecological in 2001. ATEVE INGENIERIE gives project owners the benefit of experience accumulated through numerous studies and reference projects (more than 800). On the basis of this unique feedback, we apply an original and always innovative approach which makes it possible to design for each operation optimal, efficient, innovative technical solutions, adapted to the particular context, durable, long-lasting, ecological; resilient, frugal and economical in the short, medium and long term for which the maintenance, scalability and life cycle of the structures are considered from the design phase. ATEVE also initiates R&D innovation programs on new environmental and ecological processes and materials and launches a training activity. ATEVE has entered into contracts as an agent for major project management contracts representing on their own 2 years of activity. This strong development requires after recruitments in early 2022 several new recruitments of specialized engineers.

Application to be sent to the following address:contact@ateve.frspecifying for which position(s) (1,2,3) you are applying.

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