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Project management of the construction of school in

Montévrain (77)

First passive school group in IDF

Located in the heart of the Montévrain eco-district, the building is currently the first passive school group project in the Ile-de-France region. In this neighborhood under construction, the school group will host a nursery and elementary school, a restaurant and leisure center, a sports center and caretaker accommodation, on a total surface area of 4,900 m2.

Alternative stormwater management

The project for the outdoor spaces of the school group is essentially characterized by an alternative management of rainwater. A rainwater recovery and storage system is thus planned within the green roofs, retention and infiltration valleys, draining structures buried under the car park and recycling of rainwater from the roofs to supply the needs. watering and washing outdoor spaces.


Soil treatment in place

The project also provides for treatment of the soil in place with lime and hydraulic binder, in preparation for the construction work and the constitution of the road layers. Indeed, the development work of the exterior spaces can lead to the evacuation of quite large volumes of cuttings and to the use of a large quantity of filler materials. These materials are not only expensive but deplete the natural resources in aggregates and generate significant transport of materials, to and from the site concerned. On the site of the future school group of Montévrain, treatment with lime and cement made it possible to enhance and mechanically reinforce  the silts of the site, which made it possible to limit the evacuation of cuttings outside of the site and to avoid bringing in new materials.  


Reuse of topsoil

Finally, the project plans to reuse the topsoil stripped at the start of work on the site's future green spaces. A deposit and storage place has been made available to the company by EPA Marne within the eco-district, near the site of the future school group. Given the fairly long storage period of the extracted soil, windrows were made and turfed with alfalfa (atmospheric nitrogen fixer) to prevent the leaching of nutrients while providing natural fertilization.


Plan Masse

Plan Masse

Vue du Parvis

Vue du Parvis



Owner:Layout 77

Place :Montevrain (77)


AAVP (Agent Architect)


12ECO (Economist)

DVVD (BET Structure)

LBE Fluids (BET Fluids)

ALTIA (Acoustic BET)

Total amount of work:€11,474,000 excluding VAT

Amount of VRD works:€700,000 excluding tax

Useful surfaces:3,507 m2

HON areas:4,900 m2

Exterior surfaces:5,730 m2

Completion date of the work:September 2016

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