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Project management of the construction of school in 

Montreuil (93)

High Environmental Quality approach

This project, like the whole ZAC Boissière-Acacia, is part of a high environmental quality approach, the school group wanting to be a collection of examples in both ecological approaches and the quality of uses for this new eco-district.

The landscape and the memory of the place become fundamental in the composition of the project with walls structuring the landscape for the development of a culture of fruit trees and recalling the peach walls of Montreuil dating from the 19th century.  

Alternative stormwater management

The project for the school group's outdoor spaces is characterized by an alternative management of rainwater with a rainwater recovery and storage system within the green roofs, draining structures buried in ultra-light honeycomb structures under the courtyards and roads and recycling rainwater from roofs to supply watering and washing needs for outdoor spaces.

Draining materials, such as draining asphalt or stabilized, are also used to avoid significant waterproofing of the site and allow the infiltration of part of the rainwater.




Plan masse

Plan masse

Owner:City of Montreuil

Place :Montreuil (93)


AAVP (Agent Architect)


12ECO (Economist)

AIA (BET Structure)

LBE Fluids (BET Fluids)

ALTIA (Acoustic BET)

Total amount of work:€14,000,000 excluding tax

  Amount of VRD works:€820,000 excluding tax

HON areas:6,070 m2

Exterior surfaces:5,700 m2

Completion date of the work:2016

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