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Pabellon del Viento

Our bamboo pavilion project which won second prize in the World Bamboo Workshop design competition in 2022. It was designed by Pierre Emmanuelidis (architect), Pierre Boucher (structural engineer) and ATEVE Ingénierie (technical BET).

Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world when used locally. This is why we have used simple devices to set up to design a stable structure that is easy to build as a community.

The Pabellon del Viento is made of local bamboo and aims to create a unique and peaceful place where people can reconnect with nature. 


Its shapes are conducive to the circulation of wind through the entire structure, creating an airy atmosphere, and allowing certain pierced bamboo rods to produce soothing sounds, inviting visitors to connect deeply with this beautiful element.t natural: the wind, a symbol of freedom.

To find harmony between aesthetics, simplicity and efficiency, words that define bamboo as a building material, nWe used a Japanese concept known as "Masu Hijiki" to create a solid structure, resistant to lateral forces thanks to the friction produced by the multiplication of connections.

This construction technique has been widely popularized in Japan for its flexibility and its ability to adapt to different contexts and environments. It allows great freedom of design, and helps to create varied shapes and light and airy spaces.

The pavilion is supported by steel connections, which gives the impression of lightness and highlights one of the main advantages of bamboo: its mechanical efficiency in relation to its weight.

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