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Project management for theconstructionof oneleisure receptionwithout accommodation Wissous (91)

                Development of two gardens and a quality forecourt around the ALSH

The ALSH outdoor space project includes the development of two educational gardens and a high-quality forecourt. The square carries by its materiality the function of a first space of transition. Unfenced, it delimits the future more secure areas of the new project. Qualitative concrete is used there and the layout is marked by curved designs.

Fenced educational gardens were then created within the current ALSH park. They are characterized by an alternative treatment, quantitative and qualitative, ofrainy waters.  

Alternative stormwater management

The alternative management techniques used make it possible to achieve the objective of a leakage rate of 1.2 L/s/Ha for a rain occurrence of twenty years recommended by the sanitation regulations. The project for the outdoor spaces of the school group is essentially characterized by an alternative management of rainwater. There is thus planned a system for recovering and storing rainwater within the green roofs, retention and infiltration valleys within the gardens and recycling rainwater from roofs to supply a circulation of rainwater in the patio for educational purposes.


Owner:City of Wissous

Place :Wissous (91)


AAVP (Agent Architect)


12ECO (Economist)

EVP (BET Structure)

LBE Fluids (BET Fluids)

ALTIA (Acoustic BET)

Total amount of work:€3,000,000 excluding tax

  Amount of VRD works:€600,000 excluding tax

HON areas:1,428 m2

Exterior surfaces:Approximately 6,000 m2

Completion date of the work:2016

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