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Service de modélisation des fluides par CFD

Notre bureau d'études spécialisé en dynamique des fluides numérique (CFD) offre des services de simulation pour aider les clients à concevoir des systèmes hydrauliques efficaces et performants.

Voir : CFD


Winner in Gennevilliers (92)

DLA (agent) and ATEVE are selected for the construction competition for the Chanteraines school group in Gennevilliers.


Winner in Bussy-Saint-Georges (77) with A+ Architecture

Design of 75 collective dwellings and 6 individual dwellings.


Delivery of the New Louviers Leather Goods

Full project management with Lina Ghotmeh, Erik Dhont, EVP, Frank Boutté Consultants, AE75, Clarity, Namixis.

hermes lina cotmeh.PNG

Delivery of the New Ardennes Leather Goods

With Coldefy, VP green, Vogt, Zefco, Espace-temps, Lamoureux, AXIO, BEHAL

nouvelle maroquinerie ardennes 2.PNG
nouvelle maroquinerie ardennes 1.PNG

ATEVE and its partners selected to irrigate 60 hectares in Mayotte

Development of plot AN40 near the Commune of Sada, in the west of the island.

mayotte paysage sada.PNG

Winner for the construction of 30 social housing units in Montgeron (91)

With the architects JBMN, VPEAS (Construction economics), Ufficio B52 (Energy office), EVP (Structure),
Point d'orgue (Acoustics).

montgeron 2.PNG
montgeron 1.PNG

ATEVE chosen for the renovation of the surroundings of the castle of Lunéville (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

Development and restructuring of the square of the 2nd Cavalry Division and the two courtyards of thecastle.

November 2022

chateau lunéville.png

ATEVE selected during the call for tenders for the renovation and development of the heights of Melun

hm map.PNG
emprise des contructions neuves.PNG
hm shd.PNG

ATEVE selected for the rehabilitation of unfit housing in Mayotte

In the Maevatana district in Dzoumogné, huts and precarious housing are piled up in a sort of unsanitary shanty town. During our pre-operational study, a social survey was conducted among the inhabitants, as well as a relocation and redevelopment plan. 

mayotte quartier maevatana.png

August 2022

mayotte dzoumogné.jpg

Participation in the project management competition for Jinfeng Nature & High Tech School

On the occasion of the competition of the competition held in Chongqing, China, we havedesigned an innovative and ecological campus, aiming to place teachers and students in a healthy and natural space, marked by respect for others and the environment.

jinfeng 4.png

May 2022

jinfeng 2.png

ATEVE, in the RAUM Architecture team, winner of the project management competition for the construction of the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy

See :Cergy

April 2022

ecole arts cergy.png

Pierre Emmanuelidis and Pierre Boucher, funded by ATEVE, in 2nd place at the World Bamboo Workshop 2022

On the occasion of the bamboo pavilion design competition organized by the World Bamboo Organization, we created the Pabellon del Viento, a stable, light and solid structure, easy to build in community, inspired by the movement of the wind._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


March 2022

pabellon del viento.png

ATEVE winner of the project management competition of the Ateliers Médicis de Montfermeil (93)!

In the team of Encore Joyeux Architectes.

See :Medici

March 2022

montfermeil ateliers medicis.png

ATEVE selected for the renovation of the Butte Rouge garden city in Chatenay-Malabry (92)

With WALD (landscape designer  mandataire), MA2 and Atelier 68 (Heritage architects), Pierre EMMANUELIDIS (Architect), FBC (HQE), AEU (Biodiversity).

January 2022

ATEVE sponsors the AIVP* basketball and handball teams!

*EIVP Alumni Association

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